We all get too caught up with the stresses of life, hours at work and finances. We make time to ensure we cover as many bases as we can, but why do we have such a hard time insuring that we take breaks for ourselves? Emerging yourself in the outdoors can be the break you need to let your mind and body reboot and relax.


One way to retrieve that peace and tranquility missing in your life is to go camping. Now I know what you’re thinking, “I can’t go camping! I don’t have the time or the money to take breaks.” I’m here to tell you, it is possible to take breaks. It only takes one weekend to cleanse your mind and reconnect with yourself and/or with your family.


A peaceful, rejuvenating camping trip starts with planning. Pick a weekend a few weeks down the road to ensure you have plenty of time to plan and request the weekend off work if needed. While you are waiting for the weekend to arrive, you can ensure the two night trip will be as peaceful as possible. If you have kids, and have a hard time finding the time to prepare, make it a family task. Let them feel like part of the team as you dig out the camping gear and put together some ready meals to put on the fire.

  • Food – Macaroni and cheese can be an excellent dinner choice for either just you or the family to enjoy while you’re out in the wilderness. You can prepare this a number of different ways. If traveling with multiple people, the best way may be to prepare your macaroni and cheese in an aluminum pans and top with fresh cheese. If preferring individual meals, you can use small pie tins to have servings ready, even with the bowl! Throw those prepared tins on the grill rack and enjoy an easy dinner with plastic silverware for easy disposal. Many prepared meals like this can be found online to ensure you don’t get hangry on your camping excursion.
  • Fire – Although, without a fire, you can’t really enjoy those meals you prepare! You can go about fire for your campsite in two different ways. You can rough it and bring an ax to chop the free firewood around you or you can spend a few extra bucks and buy already chopped firewood by the bundle. Either way, having a fire is vital not only for the experience of camping but also for light and heat for chilly nights.
Enjoy the night sky while the fire burns into the night.

Enjoy the night sky while the fire burns into the night.

Bringing board games or a football can help you reconnect with your loved ones without the constant distraction of electronics. Often we find ourselves being too caught up in the internet world and miss the memories going by right in front of us. This is why making time to make memories and take breaks is so important.

Picture it now. You’re sitting under the night stars with no phone service to interrupt you. The sound of burning wood crackles in your ears. You look away from the burning flames to see your wife and kids laughing while roasting marshmallows. Smiles and chocolate enlighten their faces as you realize the joy camping and family can provide.


Fishing can also be therapeutic in many ways. Often this can be accompanied with camping, whether by yourself or a chance to bond with your family, too! Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a professional to enjoy fishing. It just takes a few necessary supplies to enjoy the quiet calm of the waters.

Of course, a fishing pole is needed, but it doesn’t have to be an expensive top of the line fishing pole. I took my little brother fishing quite often, and sometimes he would get more catches than me on his little push button Mickey Mouse pole!

Bait is the next step to get your catch of the day. Bait comes in two different popular options, either Power-bait or traditional worms. Now depending on where you are going, you might have more luck with one or the other. I usually bring both in case I’m going to a spot I haven’t been before. Power-bait is a sticky substance that is scented and visible to the fish you are trying to entice.

If you eat fish, this is a great way to catch dinner and bring it home to smoke or grill. If eating fish is not your thing, I recommend catch and release. This way these fish continue to grow for the next catch and also increases the number of fish in the waters.

Take breaks! Wait for a bite, while the view takes your breath away.

Take breaks! Wait for a bite, while the view takes your breath away.

But why fish if you’re not going to eat it?

Most people say they don’t fish because they don’t have the patience. In actuality, they are missing out on the best part! Catching fish is the goal but it’s the waiting between catches that is ensuring you take breaks that are long overdue. Notice the rushing waves and the ripples in the water. Hear the sounds of the birds in the trees above you. Take a deep breath of that fresh, outdoor air.

Fishing is my favorite way to clear my head. No matter what is going on in your life, fishing is always and option to get out of the chaos and find peace of mind. It gives you plenty of time to think over a big decision or reflect on life itself. Whether you go alone for self-care or you take your loved one to have some alone time, fishing is marvelous. You can go early to watch the sunrise or you can go around noon to feel the bright sun warm your skin.

Regulations on the size of fish you can keep and the license needed can differ from different cities and states. Therefore, it’s important to do some research or ask your local sporting store about what you need to do to abide by laws and avoid fines.

Astounding views await you no matter where you live!

Astounding views await you no matter where you live!

Take Breaks In The Outdoors

Fishing can be a great option if camping is not feasible because fishing can last as long as you like. Whether you have 2 hours or just the morning, fishing may be a great option. However, I would encourage you to try to make time for camping even just for a night. Either way, finding time to take breaks is vital not only for your mental health, but also for your happiness.

Needing 3 reasons that nature is the best way to clear your mind? We’ve got you covered!

The outdoors have endless adventures awaiting that are flexible to fit your schedule since they aren’t going anywhere! Whether you give these options a shot or come up with your own great way to take breaks and time for yourself.

Remember, you deserve it. You are worth it. Take care of yourself and remember to love yourself.

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