Not everyone haves the perfect holiday dinners. In fact, I don’t know many people who do. Between the visiting family and the insane amounts of people crammed in one house, it can be hard to survive the holidays. However, take a look at these tips and tricks to get you through what can be a stressful environment.

1. Be Yourself

It’s easy to get swept away into the habit of trying to look and act our best while our distant family visits. We want to make the best impression but sometimes lose our personalities at the same time. In every family there are people that don’t get along and may disagree with your decisions in life. But it’s important to simply take a deep breath and remember this is your holiday as well. You want to be as comfortable as possible.

2. Moderation

Having anxiety can be a common hurtle in order to survive the holidays. Many people turn to alcohol to become more comfortable in an uncomfortable environment. However, drinking can often make matter worse. For example, if you are trying to keep a filter over your genuine thoughts, drinking may not be the solution for you. Not to mention, you don’t want to be that guy at Thanksgiving or Christmas that gets plastered before everyone even gets there.

If you are needing help with controlling anxiety, this article can help.

3. Remembering The Ones Lost

Some of us have family members that have been taken before we wanted. This can make enjoying the holidays more difficult than it seems. It may feel like half the family is missing even if it is just one person. In order to survive the holidays, it can help to share how you are feeling with someone you are close to at the dinner. Think about all the family you have in the present moment and try to appreciate every second you have with them.

Survive The Holidays With These Tips!

4. Getting Overwhelmed

No matter what you do, it is always possible to get overwhelmed. If you get your feelings hurt, if there are too many people in a small place or kids running in circles it can be a lot. There are a few ways to to escape and go to your happy place. You can always use the traditional bathroom escape but then you are limited on time. “Grabbing something from the car” is my personal favorite. This way you are able to get the fresh crisp air and oxygenate your body. You also have a few more moments to gather yourself if you get frustrated or overwhelmed.

5. Be Present

It’s easy to get bored in the downtime while you are waiting for food to cook or people to arrive. However, resist the temptation of Facebook scrolling while you wait. This day only happens once a year and its about family. Ask questions about how life has been, reminisce old times or even busting out a photo album can spark endless conversation. Photo albums can also be great for helping guests that are new to family events feel more comfortable and interested in memories.

You Can Survive The Holidays

Overall, in order to survive the holidays, it may take additional effort compared to a casual dinner. Use these tips in order to what you can to make the holidays more tolerable if you are having a hard time. After all, this day is only once a year and you aren’t able to go back to this moment once it passes so you mine as well make the best of it.

Take deep breaths. Be present in the moment and thankful for what you have this holiday.

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