Many people watch YouTube in order to live vicariously through other people’s actions and lives. Say it’s mid-winter and a camping trip isn’t feasible right now. Instead of just waiting for summer to come around and complaining, why not increase your skills to be ready when you can go? There are plenty of outdoor youtube channels you can watch and learn from but here are my 4 picks.

  1. M.A.S.K. Tactical
    Standing for Master All Survival Knowledge, this youtube channel is full of preparedness, educational and resourceful content. It can help you learn how to tie knots, make tools or check out gear reviews of the latest gear. Not to mention, his content is on high-quality gear making him easy to watch.
  2. Joe Robinet
    This guy vlogs his outdoor adventures and has multiple videos of him submerging himself into the wilderness for days at a time. His vlogs include bushcraft, canoeing trips, how to prepare and ventures throughout many different seasons. His channel is also recorded on high-quality gear to ensure easy watching.
  3. Survival Lily
    If you are looking for a feminine touch to the outdoor industry this channel is for you. She provides different insights for many different topics including natural edible options, knot tying, survival medicine, fire making and more.
  4. Primitive Technology
    This channel is one of my favorites for just vegging YouTube when I’m missing the outdoors. The interesting part is that he never talks. He just builds things and is edited in a way where you can watch step by step how he builds these massive structures and tools using only the elements.outdoor youtube channels

As I said before there are TONS of channels out there to watch but these are the ones I enjoy to just chill and absorb knowledge. Not only are they recorded high-quality to enjoy watching, but they are immensely educated on the subject. They inspire you to want to go out and build something of your own. Nature lovers are sure to enjoy these outdoor youtube channels.

What are some of your favorite outdoor YouTube channels?

Drop it in the comments and let us know what your favorites are!

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