manage a budget

Unfortunately, money runs our lives. It decides how many hours we need to put in and what we can do when we are finally off the clock. Without a budget, you could be spending money you need or worse, trying to keep track mentally. I’m going to show you how I manage a budget and what I do to keep track without having a headache constantly.

manage a budget

  1. Assess Monthly Bills

    Each month we are paying for the essentials. We’ve got the roof over our head, food, electricity, insurance and it seems the list goes on and on. Then we have the not-so-essential bills that we sign up for. Things like Netflix, Apple Music, Hulu, and other monthly subscriptions. Write these all down and see what you are actually paying for each month.

  2. Evaluate

    Sometimes, we don’t even realize how many things we sign up for. We may have a $5 here and a $10 here and they add up! Assess these bills and first make sure they are all still being utilized. Do you actually use Hulu or have you not clicked on it in weeks? Decide what works best for you.

  3. Add Up Income & Expenses

    See how much money you are bringing in the door. Include your regular check and any other income streams to see how much money you have to work with each month. See how much money you are sending out the door and compare it to the amount of money you are bringing in. Review these numbers. Are you barely skimming by? If so maybe you need to evaluate if a $200/month phone bill is necessary. Do you have a healthy sum but not sure where it goes? Maybe consider allowing yourself a certain amount each week and see how much you can put up for an emergency fund?

  4. Manage a Budget

    Consider putting up a certain amount for each month to build savings. Give yourself an allowance each week for spending on fun activities. Know how much you have to work with before sliding your card impulsively. Lack of planning can be making or breaking your budget and you don’t even know it.

manage a budget

This may be annoying to have to sit down and do each month but when you manage a budget correctly, you are able to do more. You are able to know exactly where you are putting your money. Keep it on a note in your phone or consider using apps on your phone to help you keep track. There are tons of budget apps for you to try and help you manage a budget and stay on track. Try out a few and see works best for you!

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