We all remember Grandma spending time watering all of her plants and small trees as children. I never truly understood the reasoning behind it or why it meant so much to her. However, the positive gardening health benefits are impressively astounding. People grow all types of plants and trees to help everything from mental health to nutrition itself.

Mental Health

Bringing a plant to life from nothing to flourishing can impact mental health more than people really know. Depression has been combated with the process of nurturing a plant with fresh soil, water and rays of the sun. Flowers are beautiful to look at and can be a positive reminder throughout your day. Growing fruits and vegetables can give you physical benefits to see the positive results of your work. These two different kinds of results can directly impact your mental health by producing serotonin –  the hormone produced by the brain that controls cognitive function and mood.

Nature is the best way to clear your mind and rejuvenate your soul. Click here, to see what nature can do for you!

Gardening Health Benefits are endless!
Brain Health Study

“Two separate studies that followed people in their 60s and 70s for up to 16 years found, respectively, that those who gardened regularly had a 36% and 47% lower risk of dementia than non-gardeners, even when a range of other health factors were taken into account.

These findings are hardly definitive, but they suggest that the combination of physical and mental activity involved in gardening may have a positive influence on the mind.” -Source: CNN

Stress Relief

Any task or hobby you put your mind to that you enjoy can clear your mind and help relieve stress. Gardening health benefits are endless because you are bringing something to life. Gardening is not a high volume task. You can easily put on relaxation music and by doing so, this gives your mind peace. My favorite relaxation music is solo piano because it gives your mind one sound to focus on.

Physical Exercise

Of course gardening is not the same as training for a marathon with your cross country group. However, you’d be surprised at how tired you can become from pulling weeds, tilling the soil and lifting potted plants. Especially in the summer time with the sun burning bright, it can really add up. I would spend countless hours pulling small weeds from around my great-grandmother’s rose bushes because her COPD couldn’t handle doing it herself. Even though I was 12 years old, I would still be sweating and my hands weak from repetitively pulling them endlessly by their roots. So the gardening health benefits can have a wide range of advantages if you give it a chance.

Black Thumb? Here’s How To Begin

I completely understand the struggle with trying to have a green thumb and damaging every plant I touch. I watch my Great Grandma and my Nana grow endless amounts of greenery and helped them take care of them. Yet, somehow, when I try to grow a plant it’s never successful. I mean, I’ve killed a cactus. However, it all depends on the type of plant you are trying to grow. Some plants require more attention than others and some times of year are easier than others.

For example, the spring is the easiest time to start and preparation can start early. Pick a spot to grow, prepare the soil, choose your plant and water it! Don’t forget to also maintain the plant and remove any weeds. There are many websites and articles directly related to helping you grow a garden.

Gardening Health Benefits Are Endless

There are so many ways to benefit from gardening. Gardening health benefits can be so limitless from physical to mental to just rewarding to look at knowing that you grew that plant from nothing. I highly encourage you to give it a shot and see what you are capable of. You never know, you may surprise yourself!

You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to. Don’t limit yourself to ANY constraints. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and you may be surprised who you find in the mirror!

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