Finally, you got a lot, if not, the whole family together for a holiday! Time to make some memories and not the kind that involves staring at a screen like all the other days. Consider these top 3 picks for family games to play at Christmas time. It’s time to bust out some games, make each other laugh and encourage making memories that last a whole lot longer than a season finale.

  1. Jingle Bell Trunk

    For this one, you’ll need a few empty tissue boxes, jingle bells, and a strap. Put 10 Jingle bells in each empty tissue box and strap the tissue box behind them to each of the players facing out. When you say go, or start some music, the contestants will have 30 seconds to shake, jiggle, bounce, or anything to get the jingle bells out of the box without using their hands. Not only is this a fun one to play, but the rest of the guests will be entertained with their phones out for this one!

  2. Charades

    Ahh, what a classic. Charades is an incredibly underestimated game in my opinion. A family of all ages can play and it keeps people entertained and laughing for more. Either select a word on this Charades Generator or simply create your own! Split into two teams, and one person at a time tries to get their team to guess what the word is without talking. Make it interesting with some sweepstakes like the losing team cleans the kitchen after dinner.

  3. Bean Boozled

    This one surprised me! My six-year-old niece showed me this game she found from surfing YouTube and I let her buy it as a surprise for being good that day. If you know Harry Potter well, this game reminds me of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans where they’ve got nasty and delicious flavors and you don’t know which is which! Unfortunately, this game is easier played when bought so I would suggest grabbing it, here, before the holidays come around.

Family Games To Play at Christmas

I know it’s easy to get swamped with things to do, buy and see during the holidays. But it’s imperative we appreciate our family now more than ever. As much as we like to think so, we don’t live forever and tomorrow is not promised. So take advantage of the time we have right now to tell the ones we love how much they mean to us. Make someone smile today.

Be somebody who makes everyone feel like a somebody.

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