Leaves are changing colors, the temperature is dropping and our windshields are becoming iced over at night. These lovely signs of fall are usually enough for people to moan and groan that summer is over. Although summer is often full of memories and fun adventures, but who says fall can’t be just as exciting? Enjoy fall this season with these ideas that you can enjoy fall no matter your financial situation!

1. Crafts and Creations

With the leaves falling and the beautiful different colors that are changing outside, this provides great opportunities to enjoy fall. Using just the twigs and leaves outdoors, you can create beautiful fall wreaths to hang on the front door. This could be a cute way to display your family’s artwork and be able to see it every day.
If you have kids, you can paint the leaves and push them onto paper for crafty ways to ensure memories can be saved.

Enjoy fall with a hike through the ever changing leaves!

Enjoy fall with a hike through the ever changing leaves!

2. Picnics and Hikes

With fall comes much cooler air to hike in. With the temperature lowered, you aren’t worried about sun burns and it can be a lot easier to exercise. You can take so many fun pictures and videos while hiking to remember your experience, especially once you get to the highest point of the hike. The view can be breath taking and you can take some beautiful pictures up that high.

Not to mention if you were planning on having sandwiches and fruit at home, why not have that at the top of a hike. You can get exercise, which can enhance your life on its own, and you can also have that bonding time with your family. All it takes is an old blanket to lay down and packing what you were already planning on eating for lunch! The only thing to ensure is that the weather is fit for your picnic. As long as it’s not too cold, bundle up and get in nature!

For more reasons that nature is the best way to clear your mind, look here.

3. Build A Bonfire

Building a bonfire is one of my favorite ways to enjoy fall. It’s the perfect temperature, to be able to sit close and feel the heat warm your feet! It’s an easy way to cook as well, whether you have smores supplies or just hot dogs over the fire can be an classic meal.

There’s nothing like sitting around the fire with the sound of laughter and the flames lighting your family’s faces.

4. Baking

While it’s chilly out and we bust out our favorite sweaters, why not do some baking to warm the house? There’s no air freshener like freshly baked apple, pumpkin or your family’s signature pie. This can also be a great bonding experience with kids if you have them. Growing up, some of my favorite memories were in the kitchen whipping together a pie crust. It is a perfect way to enjoy fall that I want to pass down to my kids with the same recipe.

5. Take Photographs

With the trees, leaves and nature changing during the season, this can be a great opportunity to take pictures with your family. Taking pictures is so important because every moment that happens, they pass by. If you are able to snap a quick picture in the moment, that memory is preserved for as long as you have the picture.

And I’m not talking about photos that sit in your phone til you run out of space. I mean pictures you can print off and frame on the wall so you have memories that you can look at each day. I am a major fan of collages and it can be a thoughtful Christmas gift to give a fall collage of favorite memories.

Remember To Enjoy Fall

When fall arrives, it can get crazy with holidays and family gatherings that we lose track of the point of them. It is about family and the ones we are thankful for. Time is flying by faster than we can catch it and if we don’t embrace every second, we are missing out.

Embrace each other. Love each other. Enjoy fall in every way you can. Every moment is a gift.

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