The hustle and grind of daily life takes a toll on all of us. Sometimes you just need to get away to clear your mind. One of my favorite places to do that is the wilderness. Now i’m not talking about your frequently traveled trail. I’m talking about deep wilderness where there’s no trails at all, but that’s just my preference.

Whether you’re going deep into the wild, or hiking a well known trail. Nature is great to recharge the soul and clear your mind. I am a big advocate for the frequent recharging of the human battery.

clear your mind

As we work and train day in and day out our brains get clogged up much like a computer hard drive and the thoughts never stop rolling through our minds. A lot of people play video games to escape, some watch TV, some go to the gym, some listen to music, and some people resort to drugs and alcohol, which helps no one in the end.

We all have our outlets to escape to when we want to clear our minds. In this article I want to explain to you 3 Reasons Nature Is The Best Place To Clear Your Mind & Escape Society.

1. Noise & Electronic Pollution

Getting out in nature where there’s no signal, no computers, no car horns, barking dogs, loud neighbors, or industrial pollution does some interesting things to the body. We’re surrounded by so much of these things on a daily basis that it’s honestly hard to even say what it’s doing to our brains. Removing all of these distracting and annoying things from our environment allows us to think and see things through a clearer lens.

When we can think clearly we can organize our thoughts better, and when we can do that we can effectively compartmentalize all the aspects of life that cause us to feel overwhelmed. Eliminating that brain fog is critical.

2. Situational Awareness Demands 100% focus

In nature, if we don’t want to break our legs on a rock, fall off a cliff and die, or get lost and stranded we must be focused. It’s really easy to get disoriented in the wilderness, and it’s even easier to get injured if you don’t pay attention.

Because of this it demands that we devote 100% of our attention. The moment we let our focus stray is the moment we miss our footing and slip on a rock, and this often happens when we get lost in a train of thought. So the very act of being in nature, and it demanding our attention, takes our mind away from the things that have been bothering us.

When we’re in the normal day to day it demands our attention and these thoughts and feelings of being overwhelmed never leave because it’s all we can think about. If you want to clear your mind you must get into a state that allows you to be mentally free, and nature is a great place to do just that.

3. Environmental Contrast

Dramatically changing the contrast of your environment from city to wilderness is going to provide a very sensational feeling. When your body is conditioned to a certain environment for so long it tends to get sluggish. You know that awesome feeling of productivity you get when you rearrange your office or living room, or drive your new car for the first time? Big changes in our environment can often inspire the same exact feeling.

clear your mind

So get out, clear your mind, and enjoy nature. Just don’t forget to Live Nice, and Be Kind while you’re at it. 

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