The Christmas time is a time to focus on family, love, and gratitude, however, it can be hard to do so when constantly stressing about finances. Are you gonna be able to cover presents for everyone? How are you going to swing a Christmas dinner with minimal grocery money? Here are 5 tips that can help you celebrate Christmas on a budget.

  1. DIY Decor

    Everyone knows that nothing brings the Christmas spirit like decorating the house. Between Christmas trees, stockings, and lights, it can be pretty costly if you let it. That’s why I recommend creating your own decor for around the house. Not only is it cheaper, but it has more meaning than it’s store-bought counterparts.

  2. Start Planning Early

    This is a task we all set out for but never actually correctly execute so we end up here, reading this to get some fresh ideas on how to do Christmas on a budget. Instead, make it a priority to start shopping early. Consider shopping the winter gear clearance in the summertime and have it put up for the holiday season. Try to budget in $20 a check to put aside starting in September or even earlier!

    christmas on a budget

  3. Potluck Dinner

    Got a big family to feed? Have everyone bring their signature dish and work together to get the meals prepped! Make you’re usually Christmas menu and delegate. Not only will there be more to talk about at the table about their experiences putting the dishes together, but it also helps you out when your wallet is hurting.

  4. Secret Santa Gift Exchange

    We started this tradition once my family on my dad’s side started rapidly expanding. You know how it goes. It starts to feel like a new baby is born from a different niece or cousin and before you know it your gift list is longer than your grocery list. Implementing the Secret Santa gift exchange is one of the best ways to do Christmas on a budget. Simply toss everyone’s name that’s participating in a hat, get the family together to have them draw a name and that’s the person they buy for! It also helps to put a target spending amount on there too so no ones getting ripped off!

    christmas on a budget

  5. DIY Gifts

    Just like decorations gifts can be a big factor when it comes to racking up the receipts. One way you can help minimize that is by making gifts for those you love. Now, I’m not talking coloring them a picture out of a book like when you were 5 years old. I mean more along the lines of finding what you are good at, and creating a personal gift for a loved one. Good at taking pictures? Take a great shot you have, frame it, and give it to that person. Good at building things? Make a little wood project for your Grandmother, stain it and personalize it. These gifts mean more to their heart than money and that’s what Christmas time is all about.

Christmas On a Budget

No one likes to be broke on Christmas. But no matter how much money we have in our wallets, or how stressful life can become, there is nothing like having Christmas dinner with your family. There’s no feeling like seeing the kids’ smiling faces laughing or snuggling up in a warm bed with the one you love. Family is everything and whether that’s your chosen family or biological, they are what this Christmas is all about.

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