camping at warriors' path state park

Sometimes it’s hard to plan an extravagant trip out of town with the kids all to camping last minute. That’s exactly why we choose to go camping close to home. These tips for camping at Warriors’ Path State Park will be helpful for you next time you’re ready to unplug while still being close enough to home. While camping close to home you have plenty of pros and cons. I’ll lay it all out for you so you know what to expect if you are new to the area.

camping at warriors' path state park

  1. Location

    When you are camping at Warriors’ Path State Park it can be incredibly helpful for new campers and people that prefer to go “glamping”. You’re a five-minute drive from the gas station and even cell phone service is in reach. However, for more experienced campers that prefer to be submerged in the wilderness this campsite isn’t ideal. When choosing where to go camping, consider who you’re bringing and their level of experience in the outdoors.

  2. Bugs

    I was surprised by how manageable the bugs were. I figured since we were in such close proximity to Duck Island, I figured the bugs would be ferocious. However, we utilized bug’s spray and one tiki torch and it was perfect. So be sure to reapply the spray every few hours and you should be good to go!

    camping at warriors' path state park

  3. Activities

    While camping at Warriors’ Path State Park, they have a variety of activities to keep you and your little ones busy. From pedal boarding to hiking, to swimming at a paved pool this park has you covered. There are additional fees involved but nothing that will break the bank. I would suggest bringing the extra cash though in case you are having trouble keeping your kiddos off their tablets.

  4. Options

    Just in case the only way you convinced the fam to go camping was in the camper, you have the option to park on paved areas. These areas do lack a variety of grass and the feeling of being deep in the woods but it is convenient. If you don’t want to go “glamping”, there is a separate area for tent-campers with more nature vibes. Although you won’t be submerged and might be a little closer to neighbors than I personally prefer, it works for a close-to-home trip.

    camping at warriors' path state park

Conclusion for Camping at Warriors’ Path State Park

Overall, this campsite is perfect for a close to home, beginner-level camping trip. With lots to do, camping options, manageable bug population and being able to run home if you forgot the ax, this place is perfect for newbies. My niece and first-timer girlfriend really enjoyed their first time here, and it was a nice change of scenery even for an experienced camper like myself. As long as you bring a little extra cash and plan properly, this is perfect a night or two away from the busy streets of Kingsport.

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