Rent, electric, insurance, car payment. Bills add up quick. We get this intense joy when payday finally rolls around only to have it be short-lived. Before the day is over the money is shipped out according to your budget structure and are left with $20 for the week. We all joke about being strapped for cash because we can all relate. But we all know after the laughing is over we’re stressed to the max. How are you supposed to focus on getting a savings set up when there is NO money left over to put in there? For me, my savings often felt as useless as my gym membership. But there are ways to focus on building an emergency fund even when on a tight budget.

building an emergency fundPrioritize Building an Emergency Fund

Multiple financial experts often advise to pay yourself before everything else. Don’t even consider the portion you are sending to your emergency fund as a part of your income. Pay yourself FIRST, then strategize to make the rest work. Even if you are tight on cash, if you do this each check, you WILL be able to start building an emergency fund.

You never know what lies ahead. Our future is 100% unpredictable and it’s imperative we prepare ourselves for the worse case scenario. Whether it’s medical bills or a check being shorted we can’t know ahead of time when life is going to throw us a changeup. However, we can prepare ourselves and make sure we are aware of the possibility of a changeup and react accordingly.

paycheck to paycheck

No matter what strategy I suggest, it’s imperative you begin to think long-term about your financial success and what is the best option for you. To see how you can escape the paycheck to paycheck cycle, check out our blog post, here. There are plenty of ways to avoid the endless cycle and negative thinking when it comes to finances. It all starts with your mindset. If you are positive that you will always be broke then you are right. If you’re positive that you can break the cycle and find a way to be financially free then you are also correct!

Whether you say you can or cannot, you’re right.

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